Finger Printing

Below is a memo from the Superintendent:

We have received the below information from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education regarding the fingerprint requirement for ALL employees. Attached are the instructions on how to register for fingerprinting, and the provider code numbers. The location in Southbridge is now open. Please review the below schedule for your last name alphabetical designation and associated time frame.

Southbridge Middle/High School02770415
Charlton Street Elementary School02770005
West Street Elementary School02770020
Eastford Road School02770010

 *If you work in multiple buildings, please use the Main Organization Code, 02770000.

Schedule for fingerprinting employees hired prior to September 2013

By now, all employees hired since September 2013 should either have a completed SAFIS background check or have a check in process. We’ve been holding off on starting the checks for pre-September 2013 employees to allow the backlog at many of the enrollment centers to clear. But we are ready to start. To avoid overloading the enrollment centers, pre-September 2013 employees will be checked according to a staggered schedule based on the first letter of the employee’s last name:

 A-D        October 2014 through March 2015
E-K         April 2015 through August 2015
L-P         August 2015 through December 2015
Q-Z         January 2016 through May 2016

 Enrollment centers

MorphoTrust, our fingerprinting vendor, continues to add locations and hours. Consult the MorphoTrust registration website for the latest information.

 The mobile van option has been temporarily discontinued in order to focus resources on the enrollment centers. We will let you know if this option is reinstated in the future.